Inspiration: Duane Michaels

Dr. Heisenberg's Magic Mirror of Uncertainty, 1998michals_pp_04b michals_pp_04c michals_pp_04d michals_pp_04e michals_pp_04f

Dr. Heisenberg’s Magic Mirror of Uncertainty, 1998

I like Duane Michaels work, I also like what he has to say about photography. This series is interesting to me because I have been considering the act of looking into a mirror. He shows the complexity of looking at your own reflection visually through the use of the warped mirror and handwritten text on the images (I love photography + text, very hard for it to be remarkable). I think what he might be trying to say is that our reflection is always warped? Hours of pondering follow looking at this work.

  • “Odette can never be sure with any certainty which reflection of herself she will see in the mirror.”
  • “The act of looking in the mirror affects what the image will be.”
  • “Uncertainty permits anything and everything”.


In case anyone is actually reading this blog, here is an example of what I love about what Duane Michaels has to say about photography. Particularly significant because my folio is a series of portraits that say nothing about the person photographed, but a lot about the ‘act’ they are in, about what I want to say not about the person themselves…..

“My writing grew out of my frustration with photography. I never believed a photograph is worth a thousand words. If I took a picture of you, it would tell me nothing about your English accent; it would tell me nothing about you as a person. With somebody you know really well, it can be frustrating. Sixty per cent of my work is photography and the rest is writing.”

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