Folio: work in progress

Looking in mirror-1  Looking in mirror-2

I’m really happy with the way these turned out: looking into the mirror, mirror not in frame. I often find that the simplest approach is the strongest – there is something quite sombre about these images, a quiet serious moment, and that is what I’m trying to say.


My concept is inspired by the broad concept of self-esteem. Not necessarily low self esteem or high self esteem, but the way that we regard ourselves. By definition self esteem is all about physical appearance and physique, and is affected by values, family, etc.

In my research I was asking everyone how they regarded themselves – the mirror

I wanted to catch the moment, the interaction between the person and their perception of themselves, so it becomes a bit performative.

“According to Markus and Kitayama (1991), Western cultures foster an independent view of the self as a unique individual who is separate from others. In contrast, Asian cultures encourage an interdependent view of the self as part of an interconnected social matrix. The interdependent view leads people to define themselves in terms of their social relationships”
(Weiten 2003)


  • It’s about the interaction that we have with ourselves when we look into a mirror
  • We see our mirror image, which is normal to us – so what we see and what others see is different
  • Unless we are looking at photographs of ourselves, mirror image is how we see ourself (opposite)


This is an image of Steph looking into the mirror. The mirror is out of the frame and this is her face, not her reflection. So this is a picture of what people who look at Steph see.


This is the flipped image of Steph – the mirror image, so how she would see herself when she looks in the mirror.

Steph-2 flipped



Weiten, W 2003, Psychology: Themes and Variations, 6th edn, Wadsworth Publishing, Australia.

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